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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lee Sil Do's Amazing Tesuji

Lee Sil Do, nicked named "Lee with the Flying Dagger", is famous for his sneaky Tesujis that have claimed many unsuspecting pros during major tournament play. Gu Li of China is his latest victim. d uring the current 围棋甲级 tournament, he fell for an innocuous move that revealed its deadliness on the follow up. Here's the game record hosted at record

Here's the position at move 144, Lee Sil Do has just played an innocent looking Q12:

Gu Li, thinking nothing of it, played at C2 in response, believing it is a sente move that white must respond (else white loses the bottom left corner).

Lee Sil Do immediately plays N18(!), ignoring the threat.

Gu Li, surprised, leans over and looks at the board carefully. He then sighs as he realizes he's just been shot by a dagger out of nowhere. The next set of moves, as demonstrated below, is a one way street, black will have to give up either the group on the top side or the right corner. Black eventually choose to give up the corner.

The key moves here are:

- Move 5, setting up for move 13 at T14. Together with S14 and T16 makes a bulky-five shape.
- Move 7, forcing black to chose either living the corner or connecting at M17 to keep the top side group alive.
- Move 11 at Q19. White can play S19 later to rob black of a much needed eye at T19.

It's a brilliant combination of Tesujis only Lee Sil Do could have thought of.