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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cho U in Meijin, an uphill battle

I found this posting on's Go forum where you can see a lot of
nice shots of the Meijin match in action. Starting with players entering
the room, playing the first move, and what they had for lunch!

Go to tom link here

There are several pages of pictures. To go the next page, simply scroll down to the bottom of each page and find these Kanji Characters: [下一页] on the last green rectangular banner.

There are about 16 pages with pictures intermixed with kifu and others commenting on the game when it was in progress. Apparently the postings were happening live as the game progressed. Pretty neat. There are some cool pictures showing the actual kifu when the sealed move was revealed at the next day of the 5th game. Kinda remind me of the Hininbo episode between Ogata Sensei and Kawabara Sensei in Hikaru No Go.

To retain his Meijin title, Cho U had to win game 5, which he did by resignation, and the next 2 games. Although Cho U is still considered #1 in Japan with high percentage of wins against everyone, he's had a rather below average winning percentage against the current Honinbo, Takao Shinji, who took the Hininbo title from him. Takao is considered Cho U's nemesis by many.

In other news, Cho U will be against Lee Sil Dol for the 2006 丰田 cup. He'll be the first Go player from Japan in a long time fighting for an international title.


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