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Thursday, September 28, 2006

To 1k... yeah... not

Cgoban 3.0 recently came out and two biggest changes AFAIK are:
1. The new rating system. It appears to have been fixed or normalized to match the AGA or IGS rating system where the spectrum of play strength is packed more tightly in the middle than before. The result is kyu strength from the left side moves up and dan strength from the right side moves down. It's now harder to be 9d but a lot easier to be say 10k. My rating was adjusted from 3k -> 1k. The phantom increase in strength does make it a lot easier to justify some of your dumb moves --- "well this is good because I am close to 1 dan..." It unfortunately also cheats me out of my goal to reach 1 dan a la Cgoban 2.0. Oh well, I guess I'll just set the new target at 3d a la Cgoban 3.0

2. Rengo or pair-go! This is really a lot of fun, esp if you pair up with a stronger player. You can learn quite a lot by just following along with the flow of the stronger player's moves. At the end of the game, you can review them and see why he played he places he played. Mixed in with your own thought process during the game, the review becomes especially meaningful.


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