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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Third Times the Charm

Well, it finally happened! I got my 3rd replacment board from Yellow Mountain Imports today via Fedex. So a bit of recap. The first board I received in December was damaged during shipping, due to rough handling and poor packaging. The second board was perfect until I put it on the dining table and noticed it was slightly warpped. The third one, well let's open the package:

Looking good.. packaging looks way better than before. Plenty of peanuts to fill the board snugly. Let's clear away the peanuts ...

A tight bubble wrap around the board, still looking good. Let's take it out of the box and set it on the carpet...

Probably the best packaged board I've gotten out of the three. There are some slight intentations on the top of board which at this point I believe are nearly unavoidable given kaya or shin-kaya have essentally the quality of soft pinewood. For example, snapping a stone onto the board will leave an indentation. Nothing you can do there.

Putting it onto the table, nice and level!

Put a couple of stones... nice snapping sounds...

Another view ...

Yet another ...

Putting the board in a dust bag, made by my kind girlfriend. :) Is there a market for handmade Go board dust bags?

Overall I am pretty happy! YMI's customer service sure made up for their lack of quality assurance. They look eager to please their customers so as long as you are patient, you do eventually get what you want. Now I am going to sit and practice some Tsuemgo. I will practice hard and claim that KGS Shodan this year! :D


  • At Thu Jan 19, 03:30:00 PM PST, Blogger ChiyoDad said…

    Wow! It looks like they made a few more improvements to their packaging since I got my board back in December.

    Glad that you got satisfaction from them. I think they've been responsive and fair to their customers.

    That's also quite a nice dust bag and there probably is a market out there for them.

    I'm still waiting for what Yellow Mountain Imports will be releasing in April. I had a long email correspondence with Pong Yen and we had discussed products that included Go bags, 13x13/9x9 combo boards, timers and Go Seigen styled bowls. He said that they will be releasing a product in that month that they expect to be "a hit".

    Naturally, I'm a bit in suspense. I'm hoping that I'll be among the first to know.

  • At Fri Jan 20, 05:22:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There may be a market for "dust bags". My wife made me one for my shin kaya board, helps protect from unneccesary dings. My only problem is the board is faily bulky to drag to club every week, I end up only pulling out for tournaments.

  • At Fri Jan 20, 11:00:00 PM PST, Blogger snakeeater said…

    So if I get my gf to make another one, anyone willing to buy it? :D

  • At Wed Mar 01, 11:17:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Try as a dustback.

    It's cotton and fits boards till 50mm.

  • At Wed Mar 01, 11:18:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    seems the link doesn't fit



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