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Monday, January 09, 2006

The 10th Samsung Cup Finals Start Tonight!

Tonight begins the 10th SamSung Cup Finals between the "Stone Buddha" Lee ChangHo of Korea and "Little Pig" Luo XiHe of China. Lee ChangHo is the de facto #1 player in the world, for having held and still holding most of the International Go titles and major titles within South Korea. Luo XiHe is a bit of an unknown outside of China. Nicked named for his chubbiness, he is famous for his extremely rapid play even during tournament games. A rare Go genius amongst go professionals of the day. (One article reports his IQ was once measured around 160 when he was 8.)

( Image taken from

Will the "Little Pig" topple the "Stone Buddha"?

You can watch the game live at The pages are unfortunately in Chinese. I may update the page with a direct link to the java applet that allows you to follow the moves live.

Here's the link:

After the java window is loaded, you should see a Goban and 8 buttons, in two columns on the buttom right of your window. Click on the 4th button in the first column periodically to refresh.

Button Button
Button Button
Button Button
(Refresh button) Button


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