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Monday, December 12, 2005

Go Crazy

My first blog. Yeeppy! Seems like a good outlet for my narcissism.

Moving on...

This blog is about Go.
What the heck is Go? It's a game; it's a struggle,
between two opponents in their endless pursuit of excellence in a microcosm
of life (and death). That's the Confucius speak, in a off-lip-synch-martial-art-movie
kind of way.

More succinctly, it's another way to show someone that your brain is
bigger by kicking his/her ass on the Go board. Mostly his. (If you
were hoping to get Asian girls by playing Go, you've way off track)

Why play Go? See above. Again, not to get girls. Though it can become
very addictive for no good reason as soon as you understand it. So beware.

Why is it called Go? Because it's too hard for Westeners to pronounce
it in Chinese: WeiQi, or Korean: Baduk. (That's BaaaDook, not bad duck).
So everyone decided to adopt the Japanese pronunciation instead. (It's
actually Igo to be precise.)

Do I need to be smart to play Go? NO! Like many things, playing Go can
only convince you that your brain is an amazing piece of wetware. Every
time you come up with a move, you'd wander, where did that come from?
In other words, having epiphanies on the Go board is a frequent and pleasurable

Is this a blog where I can learn to play Go? NO! There are far better sites out
there that teach you how to play. I am starting this blog to mostly share my
learning experience with other beginners and intermediate players, post problems
regularly and provide discussions about the game. With the hope that perhaps
it would help spread the game to more people and help them appreciate one of
man's most beautiful creations.


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